Xtralis XCC Class C Aspirating Smoke Detector

Key Features
EN54-20 Class C compliant
Absolute smoke detection
Clean air barrier for optics protection
Single pipe inlet


The Xtralis Class C (XCC) detector is specifically designed to provide a convenient solution for meeting the requirements for a normal sensitivity EN54-20 Class C aspirating smoke detector (ASD).

The XCC offers cost effective normal sensitivity aspirating detection making it ideal where an ASD is needed to overcome the limitations of point detectors. The XCC provides support for flexible ASD pipe network designs to meet the needs of a wide range of environments. When smoke is difficult to detect due to high ceilings and other factors, XCC’s active sampling provides reliable protection. Maintenance access difficulties can be avoided by positioning the detector at ground level or outside the protected area. Discreet capillary air sampling provides unobtrusive detection where ‘invisible’ protection is required. In dirty environments, the XCC helps to reduce nuisance alarms through discrimination between dirt and smoke. In addition, its clean air barrier protects the detection chamber optics for reduced maintenance and longer detector life.

The XCC detector can cover up to 1600m2 and supports up to 18 holes. Each hole is designed to meet EN54-20 Class C requirements and can be used in place of normal point detection with total confidence. The XCC provides two levels of alarm for reliable indication of fire to assure life safety and/or asset protection for your business, using a simple interface to fire alarm control panels and monitoring systems via relays.

Additional Features

  • Two alarm thresholds: Pre-Alarm and Fire-Alarm
  • Configuration and maintenance via VSC software
  • Accurate airflow monitoring
  • Simple mounting design
  • Three relays (Fire-Alarm, Pre-Alarm, Fault)
  • Relays configurable as latching or non-latching


CE - EMC and CPD


- Class C - 18 Holes / Threshold I

Tech Specs

Supply Voltage

18 to 30Vdc

Power Consumption

5.7W quiescent, 6.2W in alarm

Current Consumption

235mA quiescent, 255mA in alarm

Fuse Rating


Dimensions (W x H x D)

225mm x 225mm x 85mm



Operating Conditions

Tested to -10°C to 55°C (14°F to 131°F)

Recommended Detector Ambient: -10°C to 39°C (14°F to 103°F)

Sampled Air: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Humidity: 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing

Sampling Network

Maximum area of Coverage 1600m2 (16000 sq.ft)

Maximum pipe lengths: 1 x 110m (18 holes)

Supported by pre-engineered Pipe Networks in Product Guide


Internal Diameter 21mm

External Diameter 25mm


3 Relays rated 2A @ 30Vdc

Fire-Alarm (NO)

Pre-Alarm (NO)

Fault (Maintenance & Isolate) (NC/NO)

Configurable as latching or non-latching

IP Rating


Cable Access

4 x 25mm cable entries

Cable Termination

Screw Terminal blocks 0.2 to 2.5mm2 (30 to 12 AWG)


4 threshold settings (I-IV) for Class C senstivity to EN 54-20 on pre-engineered pipe network designs

Part Codes

XCC-011 Xtralis Single Pipe XCC-011 Aspirating Detector, 1600m2 Coverage, Class C, 18 Holes
VSP-005 VESDA Filter Cartridge, XCC and VESDA Compact Compatible
28-001 1.5A True Load, Power Supply, 24VDC, 96-264V AC (EN54-4) 12AH Max
28-002 4A True Load, Power Supply, 24VDC, 96-264V AC (EN54-4) 17AH Max



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