Key Features
Provides visual verification of smoke
Provides fast smoke confirmation
Eliminates costly false alarms
Reduces monitoring costs
Minimises unnecessary call outs
Allows for fast intervention
Lowers operating costs


ADPRO SmokeTrace provides visual verification of fire by analysing images to confirm the presence of smoke when a fire alarm has been activated. This allows for fires to be verified before action is taken, eliminating the need for key holders or guard services to verify the alarm in person. Ultimately, ADPRO SmokeTrace reduces the risk of false alarms that result in hefty fines and business downtime caused by unnecessary evacuations.

SmokeTrace also helps to prevent delays in response times. For high risk sites, SmokeTrace provides rapid verification of smoke allowing for prompt and sufficient intervention from fire departments.

How Does it Work?

SmokeTrace can be used with new and existing IP or analogue C.C.T.V/security cameras, including pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras (please contact Eurofyre for a list of compatible cameras).

When smoke detectors are triggered by a fire, the fire alarm control panel sends a signal to the SmokeTrace Remotely Managed Multi-service Gateway (RMG). The RMG then initiates SmokeTrace analytics on the all of the cameras licensed with SmokeTrace which begin to search for smoke within their field of view. PTZ cameras can be pre-set to scan larger areas when smoke is detected.

When smoke is detected it is automatically confirmed by SmokeTrace which sends three still images, with bounding boxes to clearly indicate the exact area of the verified smoke, to the central monitoring station (CMS). Once this visual verification has been reviewed, the CMS notifies the fire department, providing proof of visual smoke verification with a time, date and location stamp.

This evidence proves that the fire is genuine and provides the fire department with enough detail to react quickly and with the best equipment to tackle the fire as effectively as possible.

In the event of a false alarm, where SmokeTrace is unable to verify a fire, the fire department will not be called and unnecessary intervention is avoided.

At night time, or in unlit or dark areas, SmokeTrace cameras are supported by white lighting that is switched on in the event of a triggered alarm. Please note, white light must be used in order for SmokeTrace to be effective, infrared lighting does not provide an equal light source for a large area.

SmokeTrace Plus

SmokeTrace Plus combines Open Area Smoke Imaging Detection (OSID) - an advisory smoke detection and validation system that is capable of distinguishing between smoke, dust and insects etc., with SmokeTrace Analytic.

In any case that smoke is confirmed present by the OSID a confirmation alarm signal is sent to the RMG. This allows for quicker action and can provide situational awareness for a targeted response. SmokeTrace PLUS provides detailed information on the location of a fire and where to enter the building to response team, as well as providing more specific information of what merchandise is at risk to the end-user or management.

SmokeTrace PLUS is ideal for use where only sprinklers are installed or for areas that are prone to generate unacceptable amounts of false alarms, such as those equipped with under performing traditional type detectors.

Remote Verification and Response Applications

ADPRO iTrace

A smartphone application, ADPRO iTrace, is available to allow a user to manage, protect and monitor their site from anywhere.

iTrace provides the user with email notifications of a smoke threat event and even allows them to turn lights on or off, open or close a gate or door and turn HVAC on or off remotely in order to assist with fire brigade intervention. It also allows them to speak to people on-site to provide direction or instruction.

ADPRO iRespond

ADPRO iRespond is a situational intelligence tool that enables a CMS to share intelligence with first responders and site owners.

Once the SmokeTrace alarm is transmitted to the CMS, the operator verifies the threat and if they determine that a physical response is required they open a case via ADPRO Videocentral Platinum central monitoring station software. The CMS then notifies first responders and/or site owners that a response to a threat is required. At this point a six digit case number is provided for iRespond. Upon entering the six digit code into the iRespond application the user is provided remote access to site information and video images. This allows them to plan a more effective intervention while enroute to the site, saving time on arrival.

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