Video Smoke/Flame Detectors

Video Smoke Detection

Due to today’s complex and challenging life safety procedures that many large applications and structures have, it makes the protection of life, high value assets, loss of critical infrastructure and business downtime a very challenging task when it comes to fire protection.

Areas such as large open high ceilings atriums can make the operation of traditional smoke & fire detection methods, ineffective, impractical and difficult to operate and maintain. With the unique challenges large areas have such as high air flows, it makes it harder for smoke migration which most typical conventional technologies such as point type detection heavily rely on.

With the introduction of video smoke detection (VSD) several years ago and the continuing research and development of this technology; VSD is now gradually becoming a recognised solution for the increasing list of applications where typical conventional technologies are no longer classed as a satisfactory solution.

What is Video Smoke Detection?

VSD technology uses video based analysis along with sophisticated algorithms to determine the presence of smoke or flame. There are several algorithms that consider whether or not an event has occurred such as; the changes in brightness, contrast, shape, edge content, motion and colour. Combining VSD technology with the advantages of a live visual indication means a critical advantage in early warning.

The Advantages of VSD

VSD has many advantages for a wide range of applications such as:

  • Visual identification
  • Early warning solution when used as secondary detection
  • Accurately pin-point the source and location
  • Ability to monitor large volume areas
  • Active detection rather than passive detection
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • Recording of still images and video for archiving purposes
  • Having the ability to mask areas that have not been identified as a point of risk and which could potentially create nuisance alarms

  • Remote monitoring
  • False alarm verification

Many Applications

Because of the many benefits described above, video smoke detection technology has found many applications in many environments where traditional detection systems could not provide a practical solution; some examples are:

Commercial Buildings
Warehouse/Distribution Centres
Schools and Universities
Power Plants
Aircraft Hangers
Oil and Gas Rigs
Road and Rail Tunnels
Large Ships
Museums and Cultural Property
Manufacturing Facilities
Waste Management
Food Processing
Forests or other open area, long distance risks