VESDA VLC-EX (LaserCOMPACT) Aspirating Smoke Detector

Key Features
Suitable for Zone 2 applications
Absolute smoke detection
Wide sensitivity range
Single pipe inlet
Five (5) status LEDs
IP54 rated stainless steel enclosure


VESDA VLC-EX (LaserCOMPACT) detectors have been designed to provide all the benefits of aspirating smoke detection, including very early warning, for the protection of hazardous applications with Zone 2 classification. The VLC-EX combines a modified aspirator design with well-proven VESDA VLP detection technology and incorporates them into a stainless steel enclosure with an IP54 rating.

The detector’s stainless steel housing has two parts: the main enclosure and the front cover. The main enclosure contains all the key components of the detector, keeping all the non-serviceable components such as the main processor board and the detection chamber mounted away from the general access area to protect them during installation and servicing processes.

The front cover has 5 LEDs, to indicate Fire, Pre-Alarm/Alert, Fault, OK, Reset/Isolate, as well as a Reset/Isolate push button.


There are two versions of the VLC-EX detector available; one that interfaces via relays only (RO) and one that interfaces via relays and VESDAnet (VN).

The VN version of the detector is compatible with the remote Display module. The remote Display module has 7 remote relays to support any combination of signalling required by the application and allows the current status of the detector to be reported to the most suitable location. This version allows multiple detectors to be linked together on VESDAnet and allows one detector to act as a reference detector for other VESDA detectors.

How it Works

A highly efficient aspirator continually draws air into a central detector via a network of sampling pipe. The air passes through a flow sensor before a sample is passed through a dual-stage filter. The first stage removes dust and dirt from the sample of air before it enters the detection chamber. The second, ultra-fine stage, supplies the chamber with a clean air supply to provide clean air barriers to protect the optical surfaces from contamination. The exhausted air is returned to the protected area via a fitted exhaust pipe.

In the detection chamber, a stable, highly efficient laser light source and unique sensor configuration are used to provide the optimum response to a variety of smoke types. As smoke passes through the chamber, it creates light scatter which is picked up by very sensitive sensor circuitry.

All alarms, service faults, fault events and the status of the detector are monitored and logged with time and date stamps. Status reports can be transmitted across the VESDAnet communications network (VN only) or via simple relay connections.

The entire installation must be made within a Zone 2 area. Aspiration from a Zone 2 area into a safe area is not permitted. The area should be relatively clean with little or no dust present and an inline, metal filter should be installed.

Other Features

  • Referencing
  • VESDAnet communication (VN)
  • Clean air barrier optics protection
  • Three (3) Alarm Levels
  • Three (3) Programmable Relays
  • Air flow monitoring
  • Optional remote display and relay capability
  • Simple mounting design
  • AutoLearn™



EN 60079-0:2009 and EN 60079-15:2010

Ex ic nA nC IIB T5 Gc IP54 -10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +55°C

Certificate No: ITS 14 ATEX 48089X

QAN: ITS 11 ATEX Q7454


IEC 60079-15 Ed4.0  and IEC 60079-0 Ed6.0

Ex ic nA nC IIB T5 Gc IP54 -10°C ≤ Ta ≤ +55°C

Certificate No: IECEx ITS 14.0050X

QAR: GB/ITS/QAR 11.0016/00

Tech Specs

Input Power

Supply Voltage 18 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption 5.4 W quiescent, 5.9 W with alarm
Current Consumption 225 mA quiescent, 245 mA with alarm
Fuse Rating 1.6 A


Dimensions (W x H x D) 268 mm x 268 mm x 97 mm
Weight 4.9 kg
Computer design tool ASPIRE2™
IP Rating IP 54
Cable Access 2 x 20 mm (1”) cable entries
Cable termination Screw Terminal blocks 0.2–2.5 sq mm (30–12 AWG)
Enclosure Grade 304 stainless steel
Alarm sensitivity range 0.005% to 20% obs/m (0.0015% to 6.25% obs/ft)
Relays 3 Relays rated 2 A @ 30 VDC Fire (NO) Pre-Alarm (NO) Alert/Fault (Maintenance & Isolate) (NC/NO) Configurable as latching or non-latching
Event Log Up to 12,000 events stored in FIFO format Smoke level, alarms and faults with time and date stamp
AutoLearn Minimum 15 minutes, maximum 15 days. Recommended minimum 1 day. During AutoLearn thresholds are NOT changed from pre-set values.
Configurable General Input (24 VDC) Standby, Mains OK or Reset/Isolate

Storage Temperatures (non-operational)

Humidity Dry (<95%)
Temperature 0°C to 85°C
Must not be exposed to sunlight or other radiation sources

Threshold Setting Range

Alert 0.005%–1.990% obs/m (0.0015%–0.6218% obs/ft)
Pre-Alarm 0.010%–1.995% obs/m (0.0031%–0.6234% obs/ft)
Fire 0.015%–20.00% obs/m (0.0046%–6.25% obs/ft)

Operating Conditions

Tested to -10°C to 55°C
Ambient -10°C to 55°C
Sampled Air -20°C to 60°C
Humidity 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing

Sampling Network

Maximum Area of Coverage 800 sq.m (8000 sq.ft)


Internal Diameter 15 mm–21 mm (9 /16”–7 /8”)
External Diameter 25 mm (1”)
Maximum Pipe Lengths 1 x 80 m (260 ft), 2 x 50 m (164 ft)

Part Codes

VLC-505 (VN) EXn Zone 2 VLC-505-EX
VLC-500 (RO) EXn Zone 2 VLC-500-EX
Metal Inline Filter VSP-850-M



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