Key Features
Flexible and Fast Installation
Approved by UL and ULC
WiFi and Ethernet Connectivity
Bi-directional Communication Network
End-to-end System Integrity Monitoring


Xtralis VESDA-E VEA combines the reliability of VESDA early warning smoke detection with pinpoint addressability and a range of annunciation options that exceed traditional spot detectors.

VESDA-E VEA detectors draw a mixture of air from a network of sampling pipes. Once a fire is detected the system uses a rotary valve to individually test each sampling point, allowing the detector to accurately pinpoint the location of a fire.

They use patented air sampling points and multi-channel microbore air-sampling with three alarm sensitivity settings for the sampling points. VESDA-E VEA detectors support 40 sampling points as standard and can be expanded to support 120 sampling points using additional StaX modules.

The VEA detector uses a strong IP40 rated enclosure and its powerful pump can support micro-tube lengths of up to 100m (330ft).

VEA detectors are completely supported by the Xtralis VSC software that facilitates ease of system commissioning and maintenance.

VESDA-E VEA is ideal for installations that require accurate fire location reporting such as healthcare, office, education, retail, prison and electrical cabinet applications.

A wide range of features provide flexibility, field programmability, enhanced connectivity and, overall, reduced total cost of ownership.

Installation, Commissioning and Operation

Expansion to 60, 80, 100 or 120 sampling points can be achieved by installing additional Expansion StaX modules.

VESDA-E VEA detectors offer fast and flexible installation, using flexible microbore tubing and push-fit connectors to help to reduce installation time and cost.

Throughout commissioning, the normalisation process determines the flow of performance parameters and local test ports are used during servicing to verify that the system is fully operational.

Filter, smoke sensor module, pump and rotary valve components are field replaceable resulting in less downtime and easy maintenance.

VEA is fully supported by the Xtralis VSC software which facilitates ease of commissioning and maintenance.

Ethernet WiFi Connectivity

Ethernet and WiFi connectivity are standard features of VESDA-E detectors. This means VEA detectors can be added to a corporate network, giving WiFi enabled devices installed with Xtralis configuration software the ability to connect wirelessly to the detector.

Colour LCD Display

The VEU-040-A10 detector features a 3.5” colour LCD display which offers a variety of status information including alarm and fault conditions, along with smoke level. A simple navigation system is used to allow the user to access the information they require.


VESDAnet provides a powerful bi-directional communication network, allowing continued redundant operation, even during single point wiring failures.

VESDAnet enables control, centralised configuration, primary reporting, monitoring and maintenance to be carried out remotely.

How it Works

VESDA-E VEA addressable smoke detection draws a combined sample of air from all sampling points in the protected area, through a network of flexible tubing. The air sample is then filtered and analysed in a laser detection chamber within the smoke sensor module. When smoke particles are detected and the smoke reaches the set alarm threshold, appropriate alarm conditions are raised.

After the alarm is raised, the system uses a rotary valve to sequentially scan the sampling locations to identify the individual area(s) that smoke is present. At any point, or if the system is in pre-alarm, the user can easily identify the area in which there may be an issue by initiating a smoke scan of all locations.

VEA detectors use a vacuum pump which provides superior detection time for long tubing lengths. Airflow is monitored by the system which can identify any blockages or breakages of individual sampling tubes and points, showing any faults on the display or the monitoring equipment.

A series of LEDs display Trouble, Disable, Alarm and detector power status and a button to allow users to disable or reset the detector is available at the unit. As well as this, the VEA-A10 features a 3.5” display which shows detector status.

Additional Features

The VESDA-E VEA offers a wide range of features that provide enhanced connectivity, field programmability, flexibility and reduced cost of total ownership. Other features include:

  • Three sensitivity levels
  • End-to-end sampling point and sampling tube integrity monitoring
  • Automatic cleaning of sampling point
  • Centralised maintenance and testing
  • IP40 enclosure
  • Single tube breakage and blockage detection
  • Mobile devices app available: iVESDA
  • Field replaceable smoke sensor, module, valve, filter and pump


VEA detectors are suitable for protecting areas where the pinpoint location of fire is paramount. VESDA-E VEA addressable smoke detection also provides value where:

  • Access to the protected area is restricted
  • False alarms are costly
  • Spot detection is tough to reach
  • Installation and maintenance costs are excessive
  • Electrical codes are stringent and conduits are mandatory
  • Disruption is unwanted

Therefore, VESDA-E VEA detection is the perfect solution for education, healthcare, offices, prisons, retail and electrical cabinets.



Tech Spec

Supply Voltage:
18 to 30 VDC
Power Consumption @ 24VDC
Qulescent: 22W
Alarm Average: 35.5W
Qulescent: 23W
Alarm Average: 36.5W
Peak Current (scan mode)
3.5A (for initial 5 seconds of scanning)
Linear Vacuum Pump
Dimensions (WHD)
352mm x 336mm x 135.5mm (13.9in x 3.2in x 5.33in)
VEA-040-A00: 9.9 kg (21.8 lbs)
VEA-040-A10: 10 kg (22.2 lbs)
Operating Conditions
Ambient: 0°C to 39°C (32°F to 102°F)
Sampled Air: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Tested to: 0°C to 49°C (32°F to 120°F)*
Humidity: 10% to 95% RH, non-condensing
Microbe Tube Size
OD: 6 mm, ID 4 mm
OD: 4 mm, ID 2.5 mm
Microbe Tube Length
Up to 100m (330 ft)
Flow Monitoring
Single sampling point and single tube blockage and breakage detection
7 programmable relays (latch or non-latch states)
Contacts rated 2 A @ 30 VDC (Resistive)
IP Rating
Cable Access
4 x 25 mm (1”) cable entries
Cable Termination
Screw Terminal blocks 0.2–2.5 sq mm (24 - 14 AWG)
Alert and Action - two pre alarm levels
0.020%/m (0.006%/ft) - 16%/m (4.88%/ft)
Fire-1 Alarm Thresholds at the Sampling Hole
High: 1.6 %/m (0.5 %/ft)
Enhanced: 4.0 %/m (1.3 %/ft)
Standard: 8.0 %/m (2.5 %/ft)
Communication Interfaces
USB (Type 2), Ethernet (RJ45), WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)
Software Features
Event log: Up to 20,000 events stored in FIFO format, smoke level, user actions, alarms and faults with time and date stamp



Manual and certification on request.

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