Key Features
Stainless steel container and end caps (low magnetic signature)
Hermetic glass-to-metal sealing
Non-flammable electrolyte
Compliant with IEC 60086-4 safety standard and IEC 60079-11 intrinsic safety standard (class T3 assignment)
Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Component Recognition


LS14500 (AA format) Li-SOCl2 primary lithium batteries are designed specifically for long-term (3- to 20-year) applications, optimized for base currents of a few µA with periodic pulses in the 5–150 mA range.

Saft primary lithium batteries feature a high operating voltage, stable over the specified application lifetime, along with some of the highest nominal capacities on the market. They offer an operating temperature range of -60°C to +85°C, and provide exceptional shelf and standby life thanks to a low self discharge rate of less than one percent per year (at +20°C). They also provide excellent resistance to humid environments, and a low magnetic signature.


Utility Metering
Automatic Meter Reading
Alarms and Security Devices
Tollgate Systems
Memory Back-up
Tracking Systems
Automotive Electronics
Professional Electronics

Tech Specs

Electrical Characteristics

Nominal Capacity


Open Circuit Voltage (at +20°C)


Nominal Voltage (at 0.2 mA +20°C)


Nominal Energy


Pulse Capability

Typically up to 250mA

Maximum Recommended Continuous Current


Storage (recommended)

+30°C (+86°F) max

Operating Temperature Range

-60°C/+85°C (-76°F/+185°F)

Physical Characteristics

Diameter (max)

14.55mm (0.57in)

Height (max)

50.3mm (1.98in)

Typical Weight

16.7g (~ 0.6oz)

Li Metal Content

Approx. 0.7g

Part Codes

LS14500 Saft Li-SOCl2 AA Battery



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