Profyre Addressable Detector Bases

Key Features
Secure & Reliable Cable Termination
Low Profile


The Detector Base range is fully compatible with the ProFyre addressable and conventional detector range.

Tech Spec


Common Base

Deep Base

Isolator Base

Operating Conditions

Tested to: -20°C to +90°C (-4°F to 194°F)

Non-condensing or Icing

Dimensions (mm)

Common Base: 100 x 15

Deep Base: 100 x 25

Isolater Base: 100 x 25


Common Base: 0.05kg

Deep Base: 0.08kg

Isolator Base: 0.10kg

Part Codes

12-030 ProFyre Common Base
12-031 ProFyre Deep Base
12-035 ProFyre Isolator Base


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