ProFyre T8 2-Wire Addressable Fire Alarm Panel

Key Features
Detectors, call points, sounders and ancillaries connected to same two wires
Radial (zone) or loop wiring topologies - selectable
Selectable sounder tone (panel selected)
Cable break identification
Cable short-circuit protection


The 'ProFyre T8' 2-wire fire alarm control panel is designed for use with the ProFyre range of 2-wire detectors, manual call-points, sounder/flashers and ancillary devices. In common with other 2-wire conventional systems on the market, the Profyre T8 allows all device types to share and receive power over just two wires. The T8 takes this technology still further, by providing unparalleled flexibility in both wiring topology and standard features. Depending upon the panel specified, up to 8 radial zones or 1 single loop can be accommodated, which means that the system is ideal for conventional retro-fits, new builds and HMO's.

The T8 provides all of the advantages of an addressable system, with the simplicity of a conventional system and, to help achieve this, ProFyre T8 uses several default values to reduce many of the programming steps normally associated with addressable panels. By default, the Profyre T8 uses LED's as the primary source of zone 'event' information and also has a supplementary backlit LCD, providing additional identification of device alarm and fault locations as well as general help when configuring the panel. This leaves only an optional device label to be entered by the installer, which is achieved using the built in keyboard.

Internal electronics are on a single, removable PCB, allowing installation to be carried out at any stage without risk of damage to internal electronics and controls.

Additional Features

  • Device count verification
  • Programmable alarm verification (per device)
  • System history (2048 events, first in, last out)
  • Zone check
  • One man walk test
  • Key-less controls activation
  • 2 conventional sounder circuits
  • Combined surface / semi-recessed enclosure
  • Internal switch-mode power supply
  • Ability to isolate zones/sounder circuits
  • High visibility blue LCD screen
  • Auto configuration for easy set-up

Part Codes

14-001 ProFyre T8 - 2 Zone Fire Panel (Requires 3.4Ah Batteries)
14-002 ProFyre T8 - 4 Zone Fire Panel (Requires 3.4Ah Batteries)
14-003 ProFyre T8 - 8 Zone Fire Panel (Requires 3.4Ah Batteries)
14-004 ProFyre T8 - 2 Zone Fire Panel with Deep Back Box (Requires 7Ah Batteries)
14-005 ProFyre T8 - 4 Zone Fire Panel with Deep Back Box (Requires 7Ah Batteries)
14-006 ProFyre T8 - 8 Zone Fire Panel with Deep Back Box (Requires 7Ah Batteries)
14-007 ProFyre T8 Fully-Functional Repeater Panel



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