ProFyre P2 & P5 Power Supply Units

Key Features
Two monitored, fused outputs
Attractive, metal-clad, powder coated enclosure
Hinged, lockable door with integral LCD status display and controls
3-state charging circuit; boost, float and pulse mode


The ProFyre range of power supplies employ state-of-the-art switch mode power technology to provide a continuous and reliable source of 24V dc power to meet the technical and legislative requirements of the professional fire detection and alarm industry/installer.

There are two metal-clad boxed versions available, 2A or 5A ‘true-load’, each having two monitored and fused outputs with internal space for up to 2 x 12Ah or 17Ah batteries respectively. An innovative door mounted LCD display together with 4 LED indicators and two control switches, provides fast and efficient visual status of all critical functions.

Information you can access on-screen includes output voltage, output current, charge type and battery state.

This unit itself uses a three-state charger, using Boost, Float or Pulse modes depending on the current state of the battery.

Under mains fail conditions the PSU will disconnect the batteries when they are fully discharged to prevent battery damage. The PSU will also signal a fault if it detects high internal resistance within the battery.

Additional Features

  • Earth fault monitored
  • Automatic battery deep-discharge protection
  • Battery internal resistance monitoring





Tech Specs


ProFyre P2

ProFyre P5

Mains Voltage

96 to 264Vac @ 47/63 Hz

Operating Voltage

28Vdc Nominal

Power Rating

ProFyre P2: 75W

ProFyre P5: 150W


ProFyre P2: 79%

ProFyre P5: 86%

Power Output

ProFyre P2: 2A

ProFyre P5: 5A

Maximum Current Per Output

ProFyre P2: 0.625mA

ProFyre P5: 2A

Battery Charging Current

ProFyre P2: 750mA

ProFyre P5: 920mA

Fault Relay Rating

ProFyre P2: SELV 1A

ProFyre P5: SELV 1A

Power Supply Outputs

Tested to: -10°C to 60°C (14°F to 140°F)

Humidity: 0% to 95% RH, non-condensing

IP Rating


Design Environment

Indoor Use Only


ProFyre P2: Semi Flush or Surface

ProFyre P5: Surface


ProFyre P2: 3kg

ProFyre P5: 3.5kg

Dimensions W x H x D

ProFyre P2: 375mm x 335mm x 128mm

ProFyre P5: 375mm x 403mm x 128mm

Part Codes

28-001 2A True Load, Power Supply, 24VDC, 96-264VAC (EN54-4) 12AH Max
28-002 5A True Load, Power Supply, 24VDC, 96-264VAC (EN54-4) 17AH Max
40-005 Semi-flush Mount Bezel for ProFyre 2A P2 PSU




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