ProFyre Conventional Bases

Key Features
Secure & Reliable Cable Termination
Low Profile


The Detector Base range is fully compatible with the analogue addressable, 2-wire and conventional detector range.

Tech Specs


Common Base

Deep Base

Isolator Base

Diode Base

Deep Diode Base

Operating Conditions

Tested to: -20°C to +90°C (-4°F to 194°F)

Non-condensing or Icing

Dimensions (mm)

Common Base: 100 x 15

Deep Base: 100 x 25

Isolator Base: 100 x 25

Diode Base: 100 x 15

Deep Diode Base: 100 x 25


Common Base: 0.05kg

Deep Base: 0.08kg

Isolator Base: 0.10kg

Diode Base: 0.05kg

Deep Diode Base: 0.08kg

Part Codes

12-030 ProFyre Common Base
12-031 ProFyre Deep Base
12-035 ProFyre Isolator Base
12-032 ProFyre Diode Base
12-033 ProFyre Deep Diode Base



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