ProFyre Analogue Addressable Smoke & Heat Detectors

Key Features
Low Profile
360 Degree LED Indication
Lockable to base to stop unauthorised removal
Remote LED Output
Addressed with dip switches or a hand-held programmer


ProFyre Addressable Detectors

The addressable range comprises of an optical smoke detector, rate of rise heat detector, fixed heat detector and a combined smoke and heat detector.

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ProFyre Compatible Addressable Panels

ProFyre Addressable Panels

The ProFyre addressable detector range has been designed to complement the ProFyre A4 and A2 analogue addressable control panels & the ProFyre T8 2-wire system.

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360 Degree Indication

The range has been housed in a stylish and attractive moulding with 360 degree LED indication.

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Detector Accessories

ProFyre Sandwich Sounder

All of the ProFyre range devices can be coupled with a sandwich sounder and therefore fitting of a sounder base is not essential should audibility be an issue.

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ProFyre Addressable Detector Types

ProFyre Addressable Optical Detector

ProFyre Analogue Addressable Optical Detector

The optical smoke detector uses a pulsing IR LED and photodiode to detect IR scatter caused by smoke entering the chamber. The detector is particularly suitable for detecting optically dense smoke, involving materials such as soft furnishings, PVC, plastic, foam and all similar materials which produce small visible particles (0.5 to 10μm).

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ProFyre A1R Heat Detector (Rate of Rise)

The rate of rise heat detectors use a thermistor arrangement to sense a quick rise in temperature and also a fixed threshold temperature of 57°C.

ProFyre Analogue Addressable A2R Heat Detector

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ProFyre A2S Detector (Fixed Heat)

ProFyre Analogue Addressable A2S Detector

The fixed heat detector has a single thermistor arrangement that initiates an alarm at a temperature of 57°C.

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ProFyre Addressable Combined Smoke & Heat Detector

The combined smoke and heat detector uses a combination of features from the optical smoke detector and heat detector.

ProFyre Analogue Addressable Combined Optical Smoke & Heat Detector

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Tech Specs

Detector Class

Optical Smoke

Rate of Rise & Fixed Heat (A1R)

Fixed Heat (A2S)

Combined Smoke & Heat

Alarm Condition

Optical Smoke: 2.4% obs/m

Rate of Rise & Fixed Heat (A1R): 57°C

Fixed Heat (A2S): 57°C

Combined Smoke & Heat: 2.4% obs/m


Optical Smoke: 100m²

Rate of Rise & Fixed Heat (A1R): 50m²

Fixed Heat (A2S): 50m²

Combined Smoke & Heat: 100m²

Operating Voltage

10.50 to 33Vdc

Quiescent Current

Optical Smoke: 120μA (Max)

Rate of Rise & Fixed Heat (A1R): 60μA (Max)

Fixed Heat (A2S): 60μA (Max)

Combined Smoke & Heat: 120μA (Max)

Alarm Current


Remote Output

20mA at 24Vdc

Operating Conditions

Tested to: -10°C to +50°C (14°F to 122°F)
Maximum Continuous Temperature: 0°C (32°F)
Humidity: 0% to 95% RH, non-condensing

IP Rating


Design Environment

Indoor Use Only


0.075kg (0.16lbs)

Ordering Information

16-050 ProFyre Addressable Optical Smoke Detector
16-051 ProFyre Addressable Rate of Rise Heat Detector
16-052 ProFyre Addressable Fixed Heat Detector
16-053 ProFyre Addressable Combined Smoke & Heat Detector

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