ProFyre Analogue Addressable Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Key Features
Up to 250 Devices Per Loop
Up to 250 Zones Per Panel
Up to 8 Loops Available
Loop Powered Devices
Peer to Peer Networking


The ProFyre Analogue Addressable System

ProFyre’s range of intelligent analogue addressable fire detection equipment is designed and manufactured to comply with the latest international standards, offering a complete, high quality and reliable life safety system for all projects from small to large complex, networkable sites. The broad range of control panels and loop powered devices include:

ProFyre A2 & A4 Control Panels
Optical Smoke & Heat Detectors
Remote Indicators
Manual Call Points
Interface Modules
Sounders & LED Indicators

The ProFyre analogue addressable fire system is built on a powerful communication protocol that has been developed to be reliable and flexible and is expandable to suit future developments.


The ProFyre Addressable System is suitable for a wide range of environments, building types and sizes.
ProFyre A2

ProFyre A2

The A2 control panel is the ideal solution for smaller installations that require less than 2 loops, 8 zones, 256 devices and no cause & effect programming. The panel is available in 3 versions; surface, semi-flush or flush to accommodate any application.

ProFyre A4

ProFyre A4

With its modular nature and ability to have a maximum of 8 loops and up to 250 devices per loop, the Profyre A4 is the ideal solution for medium to large installations. A4 control panels can be installed as standalone with the option to listen to other nodes on a peer to peer network facility.

The ProFyre system is the most cost effective solution for all your installation needs.
ProFyre Analogue Addressable Loop Devices

Loop Driven Devices

Our range of sounders, LED Indicators and interfaces are loop driven so there is no need for auxiliary power supplies.

250 Devices

Loop Quantity

The ProFyre system can accommodate for a large number of devices, with up to 250* devices connected to the same loop field wiring. *ProFyre A2 has a maximum of 126 devices per loop.

Sounder Solution

Audibility Solution

Every smoke or heat detector has the ability to be paired with a sandwich sounder eliminating the replacement and extra installation cost of a sounder base if audibility is an issue.

Open Switch

Short Circuit Isolation

Every sounder, MCP and interface includes an integral short-circuit isolator reducing the purchase of additional standalone isolators and at the same time increasing the system integrity.

A flexible and simple fire system

Open Protocol

Open Protocol

In terms of open and closed protocols, ProFyre is 'open', which gives the client full control over how the fire system is managed. As a company, we believe the client has the right to choose their own maintainer of preference. We provide all of our customers with full support, i.e. access codes, manuals, software and the supply of spare parts.

PC Programming

Flexible Programming

Programming the entire system is available at the panel so configuration, additions or minor changes can be made without the need of PC software. The PC based configurator software is available for ProFyre A4 only.

Simple User Interface

Simple User Interface

The ProFyre range of control panels use a high visibility blue LCD display combined with simple user interface for all the end-user and engineer’s needs.

Hard or Soft Addressing

Hard or Soft Addressing

Every ProFyre loop device address can be assigned via the DIL switch or soft addressed using a hand-held programmer.

Monitoring is a must

Device Quantity Verification

In addition to the benefits already listed, once the panel has been connected a 'Device Count Verification' feature will confirm the number and type of every device per loop. This can then be checked against the system specification.

Device Identification Facility

Our Device Check facility allows you to illuminate the LEDs and flash the LED Indicators of all devices. This has many benefits including identifying the location of a device or a double address.


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