Honeywell X-Series Battery Powered CO Alarms

Key Features
BSI Kitemark Approved
Up to 10 year life and warranty
Optional prominent alarm message and CO level display
Reliable detection
Easy to install


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Part Number: XC70-EN-C


Honeywell X-Series Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarms have been designed to meet the needs of both professional landlords and safety conscious homeowners. Honeywell X-Series CO alarms are extremely reliable and offer both an alarm and pre-alarm (ventilate) warning, providing plenty of time to address any issues and/or evacuate the area.

They are easy to install and operate and can be wirelessly interconnected with X-Series smoke and heat alarms via Honeywell's wireless plug-in module.

There are three different variants in the range, including:

Honeywell XC70 CO Alarm

XC70 CO Alarm

A domestic, battery powered alarm with a seven-year lifespan

Honeywell XC100 CO Alarm

XC100 CO Alarm

A domestic, battery powered alarm with a ten-year lifespan and Alarm Message

Honeywell XC100D CO Alarm

XC100D CO Alarm

A domestic, battery powered alarm with a ten-year lifespan, Alarm Message and digital display

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Why Choose the Honeywell X-Series Battery Powered CO Alarms?

Honeywell X-Series CO alarms offer a range of unique features, including:

  • Full ten-year (XC100, XC100D) or seven-year (XC70) lifespan and warranty
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Tamper-proof, sealed casing
  • Cost effective operation
  • Wireless interconnection via wireless plugin module (sold separately)
  • Alarm, power, fault and ventilate (pre-alarm) indicator.
  • Loud sounder output
  • Big, easy to push button for fault hush, alarm hush and reduced sound level test
  • Prominent alarm message (XC100 and XC100D only)
  • Multifunction display (XCD100 only) showing:
    • Alarm or fault silenced
    • Fire alarm (when connected via wireless plug-in module XW100)
    • Full CO alarm
    • CO pre-alarm levels
    • Unit replacement indication
    • Remote alarm triggered by another unit (when connected via wireless plug-in module XW100)
    • CO concentration in PPM
    • Number units in a wireless network (when connected via wireless plug-in module XW100)

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Create an Interconnected System with the X-Series Wireless Module

Honeywell X-Series CO, smoke and heat alarms can all be wirelessly interconnected with each other via Honeywell’s wireless plug-in module XW100. When one of the connected alarms detects smoke, excessive heat or increased levels of CO, all of the alarms will sound allowing increased warning and plenty of time to investigate or evacuate the building.

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Honeywell X-Series CO Alarm Approval Label

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Minimal Installation and Maintenance

Honeywell X- Series CO alarms are extremely easy to install and do not need any external power to operate. These CO alarms can simply be fixed to any wall or ceiling by using screws to fix the mounting plate into position before sliding the alarm into position, automatically activating the detector. For even easier installation, the detector can be installed onto the mounting plate to activate it, and hung onto the wall using the nail provided or placed freestanding on a shelf.

X-Series CO alarms include batteries that last for the life of the detector. They do not need to be replaced, once the alarm has reached the end of its life the entire unit must be replaced. The only maintenance required is light cleaning to ensure the detector is free from dust and other obstructions.

Tech Specs


Detection Principle

Electrochemical Cell Ecosure

Third Party Approvals

EN50291-1:2010 Domestic EN50291-2:2010 Recreational BSI Kitemarked

Other Compliances


Self Test

Every 60 minutes

Lifetime And Warranty

XC70: 7 years

XC100: 10 years

XC100D: 10 years

Operating Environment

Operating Temperature Range

-10°C to +45°C


25-95% RH (non-condensing) - suitable also for typical bathroom conditions

IP Rating


Electrical and Interconnection

Power Supply

Long-life lithium battery, 3V, sealed-in


With optional plug-in module XW100

User Interface

Visual Indicator

Power: Green LED Alarm: Red LED Fault: Yellow LED Ventilate: Blue LED


>90dB @ 1m


Test with reduced sound level Alarm hush Fault hush (24h)





100 x 72 x 36mm


Packaging Type

Carton box with euro hole

Scope Of Supply

CO alarm Mounting kit: Nail Instruction manual

Ordering Information

XC70 Honeywell Domestic Battery Powered CO Alarm, 7 Year Life
XC100 Honeywell Domestic Battery Powered CO Alarm with Alarm Message, 10 Year Life
XC100D Honeywell Domestic Battery Powered CO Alarm with Alarm Message & Digital Display, 10 Year Life

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