FyreLine Linear Heat Controller / Interface Unit

Key Features
Alarm Point Location
Colour coded LCD display
Volt free contact output signalling for fire & fault conditions - with RS232 serial link (model dependent)
Ease of Integration with Central Fire Alarm Control and Building Management Panels


The FyreLine controller has been designed as an optional low power single zone interface unit for exclusive use in conjunction with up to 2000m/650ft of the digital linear heat sensor cable range. The unit can be powered either by the central fire alarm control panel loop (12-36Vdc) or from a dedicated (18-36Vdc) supply. The back light and RS232 option are disabled when using the Central Fire Alarm Control Panel loop to provide the EF-ZI01 operating supply, due to limitation in available power from the loop.

FyreLine interfaces units MUST be installed within a site designated “SAFE” area – using short term fire-proof interconnecting cable between the interface and hazardous area installed Eexe junction box and linear heat sensor cable.

Tech Specs

FyreLine Controllers

Colour Coded LCD Display

Alarm Point Location Facility

Solid State Volt Free Contact For Alarm & Fault Signalling

Connection to 2000 Metres/ 6500 FT Fyreline Sensor Cable - For 'Normal' Applications

Connection to 50 Ohms Maximum Interconnecting Cable - If/Where Required

MTBF of Geater Than 5,000,000 Hours

RS232 serial link (allowing displayed messages to be repeated onto customer control panel or PC)

Part Codes


1 Channel Interface/Controller, 24V, LCD, Fire & Fault Relays, 2km Cable Max

18-002 2 Channel Interface/Controller, 24V, LCD, Fire & Fault Relays, 2km Cable Max



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