Key Features
EN54-20 approved
Economical, single or dual area aspirated 'fire' detection
1 or 2 sampling pipes - each up to 100m in length
Coverage up to 1,500m2 at class C
3 users configurable alarm levels per channel

Product Discontinued

This product has now been discontinued and has been replaced by the Xtralis ICAM ILS-2 Aspirating Smoke Detector.

Please note: spares for EF-LASD Aspirating Smoke Detectors are still available and part numbers can be found below.


The EF-LASD is a professional, high-sensitivity air sampling smoke detector, designed for the protection of risks requiring class A, B or C design sensitivity. The unit is rugged, compact, weatherproof and highly versatile, enabling it to be used for both general area coverage and localised protection of equipment cabinets or ductwork. Areas which are subject to high levels of dust, low temperature or water ingress can also be accommodated using optional harsh environment filters, water traps and pipework heaters.

EF-LASD is available in 1 or 2 pipe versions, each with 2 sets of alarm and 1 set of fault contacts per channel. Alarm contacts are programmable across the dynamic sensitivity range of 0.06 to 3.33% per meter in 9 stages. The internal fan is both powerful and quiet, allowing pipe lengths of up to 100m (25mm of 3/4” tube) per channel to be installed.

The EF-LASD requires no special tools or software to configure and can be programmed and interrogated externally by a code protected membrane keypad. A PC utility, Configtracer, is also available for configuration and diagnostics, which is accessed via an external USB port.

System Design

Pipe configurations can be installed following simple pre-engineered guidelines or developed and verified using Aspire2 PC software.


The EF-LASD utilises high sensitivity laser point detectors in an aspirated enclosure. Each detector monitors the air from separate sampling pipes, which allows for a large area of coverage using sampling holes in place of traditional point detectors.

Air is drawn from the protected area from one or two perforated 25mm pipes. A powerful fan together with sophisticated air-flow monitoring and control circuitry ensures that transport delays are minimised and air-flow is kept within working limits. System status and flow control is continuously displayed and internal power management ensures that operating current is kept to a minimum, allowing superior performance and optimisation of external power supply and standby battery resources.

Additional Features

  • Integral Display and Programmer
  • Field serviceable and/or replaceable laser detection element
  • Easy to install, commission and maintain
  • Low operating current
  • Rugged IP65 enclosure
  • Single, redundant or coincidence detection strategies



Tech Specs


Sampling Pipe Inlets

1 or 2 (EF-LASD1 & EF-LASD2 respectively)


1 or 2, 0.06%/m Laser Point Detectors (fitted)

Sampling Holes (Max)

18 Class C, 6 Class B, 3 Class A

Sampling Pipe Length

100m (max) per pipe. For VdS approved installations, consult manual

Sampling Pipe Diameter

1 or 2 x 25mm or 3/4” (27mm) nominal bore

Exhaust Air Pipe Outlet

1 (25mm or 3/4”)


Supply Voltage

Nominal 24Vdc (18 to 30Vdc)

Operating Current

350mA max (fan speed dependant)


0.06 - 3.33% obscuration per metre, adjustable in 9 stages

Alarm Levels

Programmable Alert, Fire 1, Fire 2 (per channel)

Operating Modes

Single detector, redundancy, double-knock


Isolate, latching, non-latching, operating mode, reset


Integral control switch’s and/or PC via USB

Event Log

1000 Events

Fault Monitoring

Power failure (common), flow fault per channel, detector fault

Relay Outputs

2 alarm & 1 fault per channel (changeover contacts)

Cable Terminals

Removable 2.0mm maximum


5 common status plus 10 segment LED bargraph per channel

User Controls

External weatherproof membrane - Code protected

Flow Monitoring

Thermal, with adjustable high/low and sensitivity limits


Operating Temperature

-10 to +50°C

Operating Humidity

10 to 95% (non condensing)

IP Rating

IP65 with exhaust pipe fitted and cable entries sealed


Filtration (Standard Internal)

Replaceable dust particle. Harsh environment filter also available

Filtration (External)

Optional, external harsh environment filter

Housing Material

ABS with tamper-proof locking mechanism


Upright, horizontal or inverted



Dimensions (W x H x D)

259 x 184 x 166mm

Part Codes

EF-LASD1 LASD-1 Laser Aspirating Smoke Detector
EF-LASD2 LASD-2 Laser Aspirating Smoke Detector
01-LDET LASD Laser Detector Head Unit c/w Baffle
02-FL53 Replacement Filter Element, Coarse 20ppi (Pack of 10) ASD/LASD/E Series
20-LA0015-03 Key for ASD/LASD
28-001 1.5A True Load, Power Supply, 24VDC, 96-264V AC (EN54-4) 12AH Max
28-002 4A True Load, Power Supply, 24VDC, 96-264V AC (EN54-4) 17AH Max
VPS-250-E External 5A PSU with Charger - EN54 Approved



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