Key Features
EN54-20 approved
Unobtrusive microbore pipe-work
Easy to install
Minimum disruption to building fabric and appearance
Up to 15 individual, identifiable pipes/areas per detector

Product Discontinued

This product has now been discontinued and has been replaced by VESDA-E VEA Aspirating Smoke Detectors.

Please note: spares for EF-FT1 Aspirating Smoke Detectors are still available and part numbers can be found below.


The EF-FT15 is a unique 15 pipe high sensitivity air sampling smoke detection system, capable of sampling from up to 15 individual, identifiable areas or cabinets simultaneously. The system uses unobstrusive, easy to install 6mm O.D. microbore flexible tubing to transport smoke to the detector, enabling fast and efficient installation - particularly in difficult to access, aesthetic or architecturally restricted locations. Depending upon application, pipes can be left open-ended or terminated with high quality, attractive, flush chrome-plated or colour coded sampling points.

Unlike conventional air-sampling systems, the EF-FT15 uses an enhanced vacuum pump to draw air from the protected areas, making the system ideal for use in applications where high air-flows or differential pressures are present. The wide, dynamic range of the internal laser detector enables the product to be configured for use in many different environments at various levels of sensitivity.

Depending upon application, the product can be supplied with or without internal power supply and batteries, a variety of interface cards/relays for connection to external services, together with the option to control or monitor the system remotely using localised RS485 repeater stations and/or a TCP/IP link.

Additional Features

  • Localised central detector for ease of maintenance
  • Sampling pipes individually fault monitored
  • Early warning detection
  • Wide sensitivity range: 0.001 to 20% obscuration per metre
  • 4 programmable alarm thresholds per pipe/channel


Historic houses, museums & art galleries
Residential buildings
Individual rack/cabinet protection in EDP applications
EDP rooms and voids
Prison cells and custody suites
Clean rooms
Inaccessible areas
Locked or security controlled areas
Tamper-proof applications



Tech Specs


Sampling Pipe Inlets

Up to 15 tubes


Integrated mass particle detection nephelometer

Sampling Pipe 

Microbore (6mm O.D. 4mm I.D.)

Sampling Pipe Length

50m per pipe

Exhaust Air Pipe Outlet

Single 8mm


Supply Voltage

Nominal 24Vdc (20 to 30Vdc). Optional internal 240 or 110V PSU

Operating Current

1.3A max @ 24Vdc, 300mA @ 240Vac


LCD, calibrated LED bargraph, multiple condition/status LED indicators


Local and/or remote


Panel front, remote membrane and/or RS232 PC Connection

Relay Outputs

5 Common + 20 optional programmable (5 x 4-way cards)

Flow Monitoring

Differential pressure sensor

Cable Terminals

Removable, rising clamp, 2.0mm² wire maximum


Operating Temperature

-10 to +55°C

Recommended det. ambient

0 to 39°C

Operating Humidity

10 to 95% (non condensing)

Operating Background Noise

Typically 44 dBA @ 1m with exhaust, 52 dBA @ 1m with no exhaust

IP Rating




0.001 to 20% obscuration per metre


High pressure vacuum pump

Alarm Levels

4 - Programmable per channel (Alert, Action, Fire 1, Fire 2)

Alarm Delay

Individually programmable for each level (1 - 60 seconds)


RS485, RS232, MODbus, Ethernet TCP/IP

Filtration (Standard Internal)

Replaceable 2-part cartridge dust particle

Housing Material

Galvanised steel back chassis with ABS outer cover


Upright with batteries fitted. Horizontal possible without batteries



Dimensions (W x H x D)

490 x 355 x 200mm

Part Codes

EF-FT15-DT Firetracer FT15, 15 Pipe, 24V DC, Display/Programmer, TCP/IP, Class A, B, C
01-E921-15 FT15 - Remote Display
01-E920-01 Conversion Kit for Remote Display
ISP-106-01 Vacuum Pump (FT15 ‘E’ Series) - NP Style
10-GE15-03 New Gas-switch ‘FT15’ - Issue 5 PCB
01-EP02-02E Switch-mode Internal Power Supply - FT1, 4, 6,15 - 230V AC
01-E606-01 Relay Module 4 Channel - FT4, 6, 15
02-FL53 Replacement Filter Element, Coarse 20ppi (Pack of 10) ASD/LASD/E Series
02-FL56 Replacement Filter Element, Fine 44ppi, FT Series, (Pack of 10) E Series Only




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