EF-202 Flammable/Toxic/Refrigerant Gas Alarm

Key Features
Toxic/Flammable/Refrigerant sensor combination
Standard Unit 1 - 10 Sensors
Four zone indicators
Single cable for multiple sensors
Individual Sensors with audible and visual warning alarms


The EF 202 gas leak detection system features a main control unit connected to remote sensors via a single 3 core cable. The control unit is of an advanced design using the latest technology and provides a high integrity system whilst enabling a significant cost saving over conventional gas alarm systems.

Standard sensors for use in commercial and light industrial applications such as laboratories, workshops, boiler plant rooms etc. are available for monitoring toxic, flammable or refrigerant gases. Each sensor incorporates a status LED and alarm sounder. Sensor types may be mixed and up to 10 in number for the standard control unit, or up to 20 when used with an optional auxiliary power pack. Alternatively sensors may be used separately without a control unit providing they are powered by a 12 or 24volt DC supply.

Additional Features

  • Sensors pre-set and tested
  • Self-diagnostic
  • Pre and full alarm indication
  • Two alarm relays
  • Wall or panel mount
  • Designed for ease of installation
  • System easily extended
  • Off the shelf system

Part Codes

200-011 202 Control Unit
200-010 202 Flammable, Semiconductor % LEL
200-020 202 Carbon Monoxide, Electrochemical
200-030 202 Refrigerant, Semiconductor
200-040 202 Hydrogen Sulphide, Electrochemical
200-050 202 Sulphur Dioxide, Electrochemical
200-060 202 Nitrogen Dioxide, Electrochemical
200-070 202 Nitric Oxide, Electrochemical
200-080 202 Ammonia, Electrochemical
003-036 Duct Mount Probe
100-260 Standby Battery Pack 24V/0.8Ah
200-123 202 Control Unit Panel Mount Screws



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