EF-10 Single Point Gas Sensor

Key Features
Flammable, Oxygen or Toxic Gases
Compact size
Single stage alarm
Alarm relays
Alarm Sounder / LED


A fixed gas sensor that meets the requirements for the economic and reliable monitoring of gas levels in a wide range of environments and applications. Initially designed for the monitoring of gases within cabins, enclosures and cabinets the addition of an optional mains supply input expanded its use into conventional areas of gas detection covering boiler plant rooms, gas meter houses, battery charger rooms and many other commercial and light industrial applications

Additional Features

  • Digital display
  • Wall or panel mount
  • 4~20mA analogue output

Tech Specs

Power Supply

12 to 30 vDC - 24v nominal

230/115v AC optional

Sensor Type

Catalytic, Electrochemical, Infra Red, Semiconductor,

Thermal conductivity

Measuring Range

Combustible gas - LEL, % vol, ppm

Toxic gas - ppm, % vol

Oxygen - % vol


14~20mA Analogue option 1~5 volt


3 wire - sink/source

2 wire - loop powered - 4~20mA output only

(Oxygen/toxic gases only)

Relay contacts

S.P.C.O. per relay - auto reset rated

RL1 - 5A/250v AC, RL2 1A/24v DC

Alarm LED/Sounder

Auto reset

Ingress protection



Polycarbonate - light grey RAL 7035


Not specified - top, bottom, sides


122 x 120 x 56 mm


4 x 4mm internal fixing points

@ 90mm horizontal x 100mm vertical

Data Sheets

C284, C323, C594

Part Codes

001-701 EF10 Flammable DC Control Unit, 24v DC, sounder, LED, Relay, LCD display No Sensor
001-703 EF10 Flammable AC Control Unit, 240v AC, Sounder, LED, Relay, LCD display No Sensor
001-702 EF10 Tox/O2 DC Control Unit, 24v DC, Sounder, LED, Relay, LCD display, No Sensor
001-704 EF10 Tox/O2 AC Control Unit, 240v AC, Internal Sounder, LED, Relay, LCD display No Sensor



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